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Tycoons advised on charity
By He Dan, China Daily, December 1, 2012
Cheng Gang, president of the China Foundation Center, a leading information portal for charitable foundations, told China Daily in a telephone interview on Friday that more and more successful entrepreneurs and business people in China have started to establish their family grant-making endowed foundations in recent years.
Rich youngsters keen to spend on philanthropy
By He Dan in Beijing and Yu Ran in Shanghai, China Daily, December 1, 2012
Fighting a dreaded disease
By Li Yang, China Daily, December 1, 2012
Vice-Premier Li Keqiang has promised to simplify the registration process of non-governmental organizations fighting HIV/AIDS and make it easier for them to collaborate with the government to combat the dreaded disease.
AIDS patients fight for equal employment opportunity
Xinhua, December 2, 2012
Yu Fangqiang, director of an anti-discrimination organization Tianxiagong (meaning justices for all), said he had assisted three HIV carriers who suffered similar discrimination. But their lawsuits were either lost or just not handled by the court.
Two Shenzhen NGOs received the One Foundation's “Transparent Action Award”
By Du Xiaotian 杜啸天, Southern Daily 南方日报, December 3, 2012
At a ceremony in Beijing today, the One Foundation distributed 17 awards to NGOs and foundations for “transparent model,” “transparent action,” and “transparent participation.”
Help of grassroots, NGOs sought
By Wang Qingyun, China Daily, December 3, 2012
Grassroots civil society and NGOs need to play a greater role in China's fight against HIV and AIDS, Health Minister Chen Zhu said on Saturday.
Disability rights advocates call for equal employment
By He Dan, China Daily, December 4, 2012
Yang Zhanqing, a lawyer from the Equity and Justice Initiative, said information disclosure is the first step to ensure people with disabilities get equal access to employment in the public service sector.
Dongguan NGO's “first year”
By Lv Xiaogan吕晓敢, Dongguan Daily东莞日报, December 4, 2012
Discusses the progress of NGOs in Dongguan, Guangdong, in light of recent developments.
Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation and NGOs are in a trial “marriage”
China News Service 中国新闻网, December 4, 2012
Interview with Jin Yuanying, Secretary-General of the Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation, including discussion of the foundation's approach to funding and collaborating with NGOs.
Volunteers to get central grading
By He Dan in Beijing and Shi Yingying in Shanghai, China Daily, December 4, 2012
The star-based grading system, with five stars denoting exemplary work, is set to be launched by 2015. "It will be initially tested in 136 pilot areas over the next two years, and if everything goes smoothly it can be rolled out across the country," said Li Hongmei, director of the No 2 social division of the Ministry of Civil Affairs' department of social workers.
Xi pledges to implement rule of law
By Zhao Yinan, China Daily, December 5, 2012
Xi called on officials to respect and protect citizen's rights, including human rights, and to reinforce public confidence in the law, as he delivered a speech marking the 30th anniversary of the current edition of the Constitution.
Civil Non-Enterprise Units on the verge of welcoming the “spring” of no taxation

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