“Water, Ecology and Life” Forum kicks off in Beijing on World Water Day 2016

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  • “Water, Ecology and Life” Forum kicks off in Beijing on World Water Day 2016

The opening ceremony of the “water, ecology and life” forum (“纯净水生态 共筑水安全”高峰论坛) was held in Beijing on the 21st of March, marking the occasion of World Water Day. Nearly a hundred representatives were present, including guests from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (环保部), the Ministry of Water Resources(水利部), the Food and Drugs Administration(国家食品药品监督管理总局), and related experts and media workers. During the forum, participants appealed for joint efforts by the government, enterprises, and social forces to protect a sustainable water environment and ecology. The government representatives also promised that their departments would take measures to safeguard the quality of drinking water.

The holding of the “YiLuTongXing” (怡路同行) activity was also announced during the ceremony. This activity is a philanthropic walking challenge arranged by the organizer of the forum, China Resourses C’est Bon Beverage (华润怡宝). The five-kilometers-walk challenge will be held in Beijing, Huizhou, Chengdu, Jinan, Shanghai, and Shenyang, proceeding along the routes of these cities’ water systems. It aims to promote relevant knowledge among the public and push forward water resources protection.

In Brief

The opening ceremony of the forum: “water ecological life”(“纯净水生态 共筑水安全”高峰论坛) was launched in Beijing on 21st of March, on commemoration of the World Water Day.
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