“Walls of Kindness” survive in Zhengzhou but are shut down in other cities

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So-called “Walls of Kindness” have recently been springing up across Chinese cities. The concept originates in Iran, the idea being that people can hang their unwanted clothes on a wall for homeless people to pick up. However, it does not appear that the project will be continuing in many cities. Kunming’s Wall of Kindness was closed by the authorities after less than 10 days, as the site had become a huge “clothes dumpster”. A “Barrel of Kindness” was later placed on site by the authorities, but it was stolen in less than a day. The collection points in other Chinese cities are facing similar problems. In Xiamen, the “Wall” receives a thousand items of clothing every day with only a few being taken away, so it has blocked the passageway.

Surprisingly, instead of being shut down, the “Walls of Kindness” of Zhengzhou are in good order and their number has increased. The sponsors of the “Walls” have been communicating with the local government to guarantee their maintenance since their establishment. There are now specially-assigned people in charge of the “Walls” and awnings have even been set up on them. Some locals suggest delivering the spare clothes that no one takes away to rural areas, turning the “Wall of Kindness” into a further “Channel of Kindness”.


In Brief

While the “Walls of Kindness” were shut down in many Chinese cities, it prospered in Zhengzhou, this is due to good management and maintenance.
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