Volunteers rally to beautify Wan Shou Park in Beijing

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  • Volunteers rally to beautify Wan Shou Park in Beijing

In a spirited community effort on Nov 4, a diverse group of volunteers from a local communist party volunteer team converged on Beijing’s Wan Shou Park for a day of environmental stewardship.

The park, known for being the city’s first park to be centered around the needs of senior citizens, was given a thorough cleanup, with participants ranging from retirees and students to young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Beginning at 8 AM, volunteers paired up, armed with garbage bags and tongs, diligently scouring the park for litter, including plastic bags, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, and fruit peels. The multigenerational team demonstrated meticulous dedication, leaving no corner untouched.

Following the cleanup, the volunteers gathered in a pavilion for an informative session on volunteer service theory, emphasizing the importance of grassroots involvement.

This collective effort not only left Wan Shou Park visibly cleaner but also symbolized the continuity of public welfare work, with volunteers affirming their commitment to future endeavors.

The event encapsulated the spirit of community-driven environmental responsibility, echoing the belief that such initiatives will endure across generations.