Two overseas NGOs register in Shanxi

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  • Two overseas NGOs register in Shanxi

It was reported two days ago that Shanxi’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) awarded registration credentials and chief representative certificates to the representative offices of two overseas NGOs, the Hong Kong Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce and the well-known US organization Global Volunteers. A ceremony was held to mark the occasion, attended by officials from the PSB and the Education and Commerce departments.



The person in charge of Shanxi’s PSB congratulated these first two overseas NGOs to register and said that, as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Shanxi will definitely play an important role in China’s “One Belt and One Road” initiatives. He reiterated that the PSB will continuously improve the quality and standard of their services, and provide more convenience for overseas NGOs operating in Shanxi. So far, as well as the two overseas NGOs to successfully register, six organizations have also completed the application for temporary activities in the province.

After the ceremony, the two NGOs offered a silk banner to the Overseas NGOs management office of Shanxi’s PSB as a gift and claimed that they will operate their activities strictly in keeping with Chinese law and contribute to the development of Shanxi.