Tianjin PSB organises event to answer the questions of overseas NGOs

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  • Tianjin PSB organises event to answer the questions of overseas NGOs

Last week the office of ONGO management of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau held a “Service Day” event aimed at the representatives of ONGOs. The activity was attended by the chief representatives of the Tianjin offices of eight ONGOs and by officials from eight PSUs, including the Tianjin Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Tianjin Municipal Trade Union, the Tianjin Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Tianjin Municipal Office of the State Administration of Taxation, and by officials from other related administrations and universities.

Officials from the office of ONGO management gave a briefing regarding ONGO registration, projects conducted in Tianjin, and the supportive policies enacted since the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China (《中华人民共和国境外非政府组织境内活动管理法》) was enforced a year ago.

Deng Ling, from the Tianjin office of the International Silk Road Trade and Culture Association (Turkey), expressed her gratitude to the bureau for offering her this opportunity and platform. She added that in response to the Belt and Road initiative, her organization will be committed to facilitating more trade cooperation and cultural exchange between China and Turkey.

Another ONGO represented on the occasion was the Tianjin affiliate of the Philip Hayden Foundation, which is mainly engaging in supporting those stricken by poverty, helping orphans and kids from poor families who are in need of surgery or other medical aid, and offering recovery assistance for people with disability. Having adopted seven kids himself, the chief representative Tim Baker (迪莫西丁•约翰•贝克 ) has a great enthusiasm for philanthropy. He also extended his thanks to the office for their services and help, and especially for helping the foundation’s registration.

Ms. Xu Yanbin, the chief representative of the China Cable Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong), reported that the chamber has won recognition and reputation among enterprises in its field, laying a solid foundation for international industry and energy corporation under the Belt and Road initiative. She stressed that they not only deal in trade, but also take up their social responsibility and engage in charity, visiting orphans and children with disabilities, presenting them with milk powder, fruit, oxygen generators, physiotherapy devices and making donations. They praised the office’s efforts and supportive attitude.

Following the speeches there was a Q&A session, where the representatives inquired about issues concerning their work in China, including the scope of activities, tax declarations, work permits, work visas, bank accounts and more. The feedback from the representatives was positive, with all of them claiming they felt satisfied about the results of the event, and pleased with the services provided by the authorities.