The Third Global Foundation Leaders Forum held in Nanjing

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  • The Third Global Foundation Leaders Forum held in Nanjing

On September 24th and September 25th, the Third Global Foundation Leaders Forum (第三届世界大型基金会高峰论坛), co-hosted by China Foundation for Human Rights Development and Information Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, was held in Nanjing. The Forum attracted more than 100 experts and representatives of a variety of well-known foundations from over 30 countries and districts, including China, Russia and the US.

Huang Mengfu, vice president of CPPCC National Committee and director of China Foundation for Human Rights Development, encouraged foundations of all countries to respect cultural differences, and to deepen their exchange and cooperation based on the principle of “agree to disagree”. Cui Yuying, vice president of CCPPD and deputy director of Information Office of State Council, pointed out that the Chinese government always urge domestic foundations to extend their presence overseas, and assist less developed countries in poverty alleviation, public health, education and disaster relief. She also encouraged more international cooperation and communication between Chinese and foreign foundations in helping less developed countries and creating a better environment for NGO development.

Zhan Chengfu, member of Ministry of Civil Affairs Party Group and director of Bureau for Management of Non Governmental Organizations, underlined that good social governance in the context of globalization and the Internet era requires the participation of the government, businesses and social organizations. Foundations, because of its non-profit, grassroot and self-governance nature, can make unique impacts. He stressed that the Ministry of Civil Affairs will also actively promote the healthy development of public welfare organizations in multiple areas through legislation, registration supervision and policy guidance.