Public opinion solicited for social organization withdrawal mechanism

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The Ministry of Civil Affairs has drafted the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ Opinions on Improving the Withdrawal Mechanism of Social Organization (The Draft to Solicit Public Opinion) (《民政部关于健全社会组织退出机制的意见(征求意见稿)》), in order to strengthen the supervision and management of social organizations, increase the level of cleanliness of social organizations, clarify the different ways, basis and procedures according to which social organizations’ registration can be withdrawn, and regulate the organs which register and manage social organizations to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law. Public feedback to the draft was sollicited from December the 2nd to the 10th. The draft clearly defines two methods for the withdrawing of social organizations. The first is the application of social organizations for cancellation of their registration. The other is the revocation of the qualification of a social organization by the registering entity in accordance with the law. According to the draft,  there are different regulations for the revocation of social groups, non-enterprise entities and foundations by the registering entity. The draft also establishes a clear liquidation procedure for social organizations when they are withdrawn.