The 5th China Rainbow Media Award Ceremony successfully closes in Beijing

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  • The 5th China Rainbow Media Award Ceremony successfully closes in Beijing


The awards ceremony for the fifth China Rainbow Media Award was brought to a successful close in Beijing on the 17th of January 2016. The award was jointly launched by the Beijing Ji Ande Consulting Center and another ten organizations. It is the first large-scale media and reporting event in China to focus on LGBTI issues. Its aim is to guide the Chinese media and journalists to report on issues related to sexual minorities more deeply and objectively, and provide gay people with a more understanding, diverse and fair environment.

After much discussion by the panel of experts present, an article entitled She Talked about “Gay” Issue in Textbook with the Ministry of Education Officials in Court, published by VISTA See the World, won the best report award in the group of newspaper and magazines. Chinese Gay Group, by Netease News, won the best online report award. The Phoenix Vision: In My name – Gay Community Record Column produced by Phoenix Satellite TV won the best video award. And the foreign judges present gave the best English report award to an article entitled No Pride on Campus—-The Dilemma of the Registration of Gay Association in Chinese Universities, by Global Times. The award-winning reporters and editors accepted the awards and gave acceptance speeches, expressing their support and encouragement to LGBTI groups.