“Little Sycee” phone app encourages private charity

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On January 16th, the Beijing Yuanwang Charitable Foundation (北京圆网慈善基金会) unveiled its mobile phone application Little Sycee (小元宝) during the fifth “Yuan Plan-Fruitful Holiday”(圆计划-圆满假期)launching ceremony of a thousand volunteers in Beijing. The application, for the first time, allows individuals, especially the 120 million Chinese people who frequently donate, to establish and run their own charitable foundation through a Little Sycee account.

Users can manage their donations through the “Foundation Management” function and spearhead or browse charitable initiatives or funding opportunities in “Launch Good Deeds” and “Browse Good Deeds” . The app also provides a “Lucky Wheel” function where users can exchange their charitable points for coupons. One of Little Sycee’s unique features is that it already has a well-grounded offline system, based upon thousands of undergraduate volunteers from its projects. The app’s first version was for one-to-one support of left behind children and its second version empowered part of the undergraduate volunteers to raise funds for poor children in their hometowns. Little Scyee is a further upgraded version. According to its founder, Mr. Fu Yiran, the app is an effort to respond to the nation’s “Internet +” policy and a tribute to the coming first China Charity Day.