Survey of charity workers on marriage and relationship

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In order to gain a general understanding of the marriage and relationship status of people who work in charities, the charity school (慈善公益学园) launched a survey on the 22nd of May. 304 people from 27 provinces around the country participated in the survey. Among the 304 respondents, 38.82% were men and 61.18% women, betraying a certain imbalance in the gender ratio within the sector.

39.47% of the survey’s respondents turned out to be married, 38.16% single and 16.12% currently in a relationship. Also, about 6.25% were divorced. Nearly half of the respondents (41.45%) claimed to have found a long-term partner which they plan to marry since entering the charity sector. However, about 26.24% of the respondents have never been in a relationship since they took up charity work.

When it comes to the reasons for being single, 25.19% believe that they are not mature enough or have not yet met their “Mr. Right” or “Miss. Right”. Another 24.44% of people claim that they have no opportunities to socialise with the opposite sex. Besides, factors such as appearance, job and age also play an influential role in this issue. Although some people claim that charitable work interferes with their finding a partner, there are more respondents who see their job as a positive factor.