Sougou creates “philanthropy channel” to promote online platform for philanthropy

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Chinese tech giant Sougou (搜狗) has announced a new feature on the company’s search engine. The feature is set to produce and release news related to the public welfare sector in China. Users now can log on to Sogou search engine and find a “philanthropy channel (公益频道)” on its news section. The company aims to build a one-stop news service platform for people interested in philanthropy and the Chinese public welfare sector. At the same time, the company also strives to form a department dedicated to philanthropy by organizing philanthropic activities and integrating different philanthropic projects into the philanthropy channel using the company’s resources.

According to chief representatives of the company, the Beijing municipal government has been “promoting online philanthropy to better practice the core values of Chinese socialism”, and to respond to this new policy, Sougou has been trying to explore new ways of doing philanthropy by using the new technology such as the company’s own search engine. In the past 10 years, Sougou has already worked with domestic and international NGOs such as WWF, IFAW and IyiYun (益云公益) on various types of online philanthropic activities.