Sixth China Charity Fair comes to a close

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The sixth China Charity Fair came to a close in Shenzhen on September 22. This year’s fair was based around the theme of “Focusing on targeted poverty reduction and creating a better life”, and presented some of the latest poverty alleviation programs. 789 organizations, 876 projects and 312 “poverty alleviation consumer products” from all over the country went on display. Preliminary statistics show that 49 poverty alleviation projects were able to connect with each other and link up their resources during the fair, for a total value of 13 billion yuan of resources.

During the fair much attention was given to “targeted poverty reduction”, one of the major themes of the recent government campaign to eliminate poverty in China by 2020, based on the idea of poverty alleviation targeted at the specific sacks of remaining poverty within the country. There was a theme pavilion on targeted poverty reduction focused on “three districts and three prefectures”, distributed over Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan, considered to be areas of particularly deep poverty. The pavilion aimed to lead philanthropic resources into such impoverished regions by promoting cooperation between Eastern and Western China, fundraising, services and responsible consumption.

This year’s Charity Fair also aimed to be a connecting platform for poverty alleviation projects and philanthropy. Lots of companies and organizations showcased their achievements in these fields, including the China General Nuclear Power Group, the China Ocean Shipping Group, the Ping An Insurance (group) of China, the Evergrande Group, Dongfeng-Nissan, China Vanke, Tencent, Country Garden, Geely, the China Life Insurance (Group) Company, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the Shenzhen Charity Foundation. As an example, the Country Garden company (碧桂园集团) decided to establish two “anti-poverty bases” in Xingguo county (Jiangxi province) and Dongtian county (Guangxi province) during their attendance at the fair, for an initial investment of 1,500,000,000 Yuan.

Over the six years it has been held, the China Charity Fair has played an important role in social construction and philanthropy. According to statistics, the first five sessions of the fair attracted 7484 organizations, 2185 projects, 32,453,000,000 yuan in fundraising and 1254 philanthropic activities. They also included international exhibitions and international summits that attracted 119 international organizations and 100 guests from 20 countries.