Shenzhen brings in measures to promote disabled employment

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Shenzhen employers that sign labor contracts of at least a year with disabled job applicants may apply for social insurance subsidies and recruitment incentives, according to the newly released “Shenzhen Measures for Promoting the Employment of Disabled Persons”. Those recruited can also apply for social insurance subsidies and a vocational allowance.

Released on March 25 by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau, and Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the measures seek to protect the labor rights of the disabled and increase their employment rate and remain valid for five years starting on April 1.

“Disabled persons” as mentioned in these Measures refer to persons with registered permanent residence in Shenzhen who are of legal working age and who hold the China Disabled Person’s Certificate, Class 1-8 Disabled Military Person’s Certificate, or Disabled Police Certificate.

The measures highlight that persons with disabilities have the right to equal employment, independent job selection and equal access to labor remuneration in accordance with the law.

The people’s governments of all districts shall, in accordance with the relevant national and provincial regulations on appraisal and commendation, commend and reward entities and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the employment of disabled persons, according to the measures.

Eligible employers may also get subsidies to make their working environments more accessible, offer training, upgrade facilities and provide equipment for disabled workers.

Disabled people’s federations at all levels are encouraged to support disabled street-level comprehensive (vocational) rehabilitation service centers as well as other qualified enterprises and social organizations by purchasing services from them, according to the measures.

The measures also include support and subsidises for disabled people to start businesses and receive vocational training.