Revealed: the top 20 NGOs helping disabled people in Beijing

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  • Revealed: the top 20 NGOs helping disabled people in Beijing

The Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation (BDPF) recently published its “Top 20 Social Organizations” list, revealing the names of NGOs (known locally as social organizations) that have helped the disabled during the past decade.

According to BDPF, the number of Beijing NGOs specializing in the field of disability assistance grew from 45 in 2012 to 281 now, covering multiple fields such as rehabilitation, mental health, inclusive education, and participation in sports and cultural activities.

The municipal government has spent a total of 375 million yuan ($53 million) on procurement from 220 NGOs, benefitting 3.98 million people, making the NGO sector an indispensable force in promoting disability inclusion in the capital.

Among the 20 selected organizations, some have contributed to the innovation of technology, models and ideas, such as lip-reading method courses, and rehabilitation training for children with cerebral palsy; and some have organized volunteers with disabilities to provide services for the 2022 Winter Paralympics and other activities. They are:

  1. Beijing Golden Wings Children’s Art Rehabilitation Center;
  2. Beijing New Life Elderly and Disabled Service Center;
  3. Li Nan Social Work Office;
  4. Beijing Deer Kids Rehabilitation Center;
  5. HK China Hullsun Children’s Center;
  6. Shuyun Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Center;
  7. Xiaojudeng Children’s Rehabilitation Education Center;
  8. Huicongshu Children’s Rehabilitation Education Research Institute ;
  9. Beijing Qinglonghu Vocational Rehabilitation Labor Station;
  10. Yuting Elderly and Disabled Service Center;
  11. Yongai Rehabilitation Training Center;
  12. Zhiqin Society Disabled Rehabilitation Center;
  13. Beijing Golden Snail Family Service Center for Mentally Disabled Persons;
  14. Shengzhi Children’s Rehabilitation Service Center;
  15. Wei Gong Social Work Development Center;
  16. Beijing Our Family China Disabled Persons Service Center;
  17. Xinyi Education Center;
  18. Wenxin Jingkang Park in Fengtai District, Beijing;
  19. Ruizhi Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation Center;
  20. Beijing Canal Star Volunteer Service Team.

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