Responsible China, maturing civil society

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Since the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008, Chinese NGOs have gone a long way. After only six years, they were able to have a strong impact on the people, and on Chinese society. In the past 18 years, Southern Metropolis Daily has been a witness, and a participant to the growth of Chinese charities and civil society.

Since the firs edition of «Responsible China · Public interest grand ceremony», Southern Metropolis Daily has observed Chinese NGOs flourish. Through innovation, action, union, and reforms they came to change society. Civil society workers go through great lengths to bring about positive changes in the society.

For its 18th anniversary, Southern Metropolis Daily compiled a list of articles related to the public interest sector.

Some of the articles mentioned are about influential figure in the public interest sector, such as Xu Xin, Yang Tuan, Liu Xiaogang, Fang Tao, and Xu Jing while other are about important organizations such as the Alashan SEE Ecological Association.

Finally, the articles also mentions to an important journalistic prize, the Anping prize, related to media coverage of public interest issues.

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