Report outlines monthly donation trends

There is infinite value behind truthful and reliable data. Insight into data can help charitable organizations better understand different sectors, understand their missions and values, and improve their capabilities. 


LINGXI, an organization focusing on digital solutions for NGOs, recently released the Monthly Donation Development Report for the Philanthropic Sector 2022, empowering charitable organizations to understand their fundraising strategies by analyzing reliable data.


As the lead author of the 2022 report, Kong Dejie from the University of Plymouth said the report offers a fresh understanding of monthly donations from a donor’s perspective. It delves into the value monthly giving can bring to donors and identifies what sustains donors’ donations. Through this, charities can find a sustainable fundraising path.


There are several highlights from the report. In 2022, the total amount of monthly donations on the LINGXI platform exceeded 146 million yuan ($21 million), a 50.8 percent increase compared to last year. This brings the value of monthly donations from 2016 to 2022 combined to 300 million yuan.


The average single monthly donation is about 26 yuan and 831,000 people regularly donate every month, demonstrating that 2022 has seen strong momentum in the development of monthly donations.


Through a survey of over 3,200 monthly donors, the report found that the reason why donors engage in monthly giving is that people have the intrinsic urge to do good deeds and build a stable relationship with charities as a major source of a sense of fulfillment. 


In terms of factors that encourage donors to make stable monthly donations, the report concludes that the individual need for being involved with charitable causes, the organization’s performance, and the accomplishment of charitable tasks are the most prominent factors.