Project to support autistic children launched

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Chengdu Charity Federation (CCF) launched the 2023 Sunshine Belle Project on March 26, with representatives from CCF, the Chengdu Association for the Mentally Disabled, and partner organizations in attendance.


The Sunshine Belle Project has been designed by CCF to support autistic children under the age of 18, aiming to provide rehabilitation services, build a parental support system, and help autistic children function in society.


April 2 marked the 16th World Autism Awareness Day. At the launch, Fu Junjie, deputy secretary-general of the CCF, called on people from all walks of life to actively support and participate in the project to help autistic families gain confidence and integrate into society.


A collection of paintings by autistic children was exhibited at the launch, demonstrating the growth and stories of these children and helping them to be seen by the public.