Ranking of Chinese foundations for 2018 released

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The 2018 ranking of Chinese foundations was officially presented during the third “Jinju Award” in Jiangsu, on November 21. Co-sponsored by A Better Community ABC (美好社会咨询社) and 1 Kg Box (一公斤盒子), and supported by For NGO (复恩法律) and Enjoy Volunteering (益微青年), this is the third time since 2013 that this ranking has been released. It is based on an investigation of Chinese foundations, during which NGOs are asked to evaluate their funders.

The research was started this August, and lasted two months. 1215 NGOs were invited to evaluate the foundations that provided them with funding from January 2016 to August 2018, and 343 valid questionnaires were collected. The evaluation covered six different aspects, including fundraising strategies, fundraising processes, levels of understanding, equality of cooperation, organizations’ development and promotion within the sector. The aim was to reveal the changes within fundraising programs, build good partnerships between NGOs and foundations, promote foundations’ enthusiasm for fundraising and improve the validity of fundraising.

The opening ceremony was divided into three parts, respectively looking at the difficulties faced by NGOs in the start-up stage, trust issues between NGOs and foundations, and domestic foundations taking up a leading role. According to the statistics provided by the ranking’s executive committee, Chinese foundations have developed rapidly over the years, and they have gradually become the main source of funding within the country. In 2013, domestic NGOs were only 34% of all the evaluated foundations. In 2015, this percentage rose to 60%. In this year’s evaluation, domestic NGOs were 83%. The table that follows presents the statistics for domestic and overseas foundations.

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During the award ceremony, the executive committee launched the ranking list of Chinese foundations for 2018, which you can find below. Out of all the foundations on the list, the Ai You Foundation and the One Foundation were the ones that provided the biggest amounts in funding.

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