China’s Preschool Education Law soon to be drafted

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The National Department of Education announced on November 28 that the “pre-school education law” has entered the NPC’s legislative process. The Department is now drafting the document and establishing a mechanism of supervision.

Lu Yugang, the secretary of the department of elementary education, said that related departments will improve supporting policies and establish long-term mechanisms to popularise pre-school education and improve its security. The implementation of the law will optimise the relevant facilities, and provide more training to administrative staff and the principals of kindergartens.

Mr. Lu also said that it was important to strengthen the management of some specific problems which exist within pre-school education. The first problem mentioned was the need to put the kindergartens matched with residential neighborhoods under control, and this task will soon be undertaken. The second problem are kindergartens without certificates. All such kindergartens should fall under the scope of supervision, and they should be investigated, classified, supported and governed. Through these process, the related departments will give certifications to the kindergartens which reach the conditions for qualification. The third problem is excessive profit-seeking. The departments of education and financial supervision will launch related regulations to solve this problem. The fourth problem is the tendency of kindergartens to turn into primary schools. The related departments will carry out reforms to create a better environment for pre-school education.