Project to send students to live in villages celebrated in Beijing

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An inspired speech on youth was delivered in Peking University’s Main Hall on July 2 as part of the annual celebration of Eagle Plan, a project organized by the Youchange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation and the Junhe Innovation Foundation.

The project was launched by the Youchange Foundation in 2011. It aims to encourage aspirational and inclusive youth to experience one year of life in China’s villages so that their social responsibility and activism can be inspired, eventually making a difference to society.

Up to now the project has allowed 105 students to live with local people in China’s villages, covering over 10 provinces and 20 locations. These young people have made great efforts in livelihood improvement, the sustainable development of education and the protection of the traditional cultural heritage in China’s villages. It is hoped that they will build a bridge between urban and rural areas that can introduce new technologies, ideas and resources to the villages.

The theme of the 12-hour event was “focusing on youth creators, learning about their actions and experiences and listening to their life stories”. A total of 11 youths shared their experiences during the forum.

Speaking about the original intentions behind the event, the organizer stated: “we believe that youth can change the future and actions can change the world. We wish to witness more of youth’s creativity within our society and advocate for new values which go beyond mainstream society and business”.