Plan calls for new social work centers in rural areas

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As China continues to prioritize “Sannong” (agriculture, rural areas and farmers) work, the State Council recently issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for Promoting Agricultural and Rural Modernization.

The plan clearly states that by 2025, the rural vitalization strategy will be advanced in all respects, and agricultural and rural modernization will be achieved step by step in areas where conditions allow, and the achievements of poverty alleviation will be expanded in line with rural vitalization. By 2035, decisive progress will have been made in the comprehensive revitalization of the country’s rural areas, and the modernization of agriculture and the countryside will have been achieved.

In order to meet these targets, the plan proposes accelerating the construction of township social work centers, as well as placing an emphasis on attracting qualified social workers to provide professional services. For example, the plan suggests developing inclusive kindergarten services in rural areas and improving the care services available to rural left-behind children, women, the elderly, and disabled – as well as others in need.

The plan also emphasizes the promotion of a more environmentally-friendly rural way of life.