Local NGOs benefit from three measures in Jiangxi Province

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  • Local NGOs benefit from three measures in Jiangxi Province

According to the Civil Affairs Department of Jiangxi Province, three measures have been adopted in recent years to support the development of NGOs.

Measure 1: Promote policy innovation and formulation

The provincial department issued a series of policy documents, such as the Special Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Social Organizations in Communities in Jiangxi Province (2021-2023); held social organization training courses to guide more than 39,000 civil society groups in communities across the province; and invited these grassroots NGOs to join the innovative “Neighborhood Care” project aimed at serving community residents.

Measure 2: Mobilize national resources

The department invited many NGOs to join the “One Hundred Groups for One Thousand Difficulties” and “Happy Children’s Cabin” campaigns; supported the Jiangxi Charity Federation to implement various projects; promoted investment from the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for a three-year economic development project in six counties; and raised 9.89 million yuan ($1.56 million) from more than 210,000 donors during the “September 9th – Charity Festival”.

Measure 3: Support NGOs at city and county levels

In Ganzhou, the “One Hundred Groups for One Thousand Difficulties” campaign was carried out in cooperation with NGOs in the countryside to solve the daily difficulties faced by people during the epidemic prevention and control period;

In Nanchang, 121 NGOs were mobilized to participate in 139 rural revitalization projects, with total funding of 27.54 million yuan; and the Nanchang Poyang Chamber of Commerce established the first specialized store for poverty alleviation products;

In Ji’an, the number of NGOs participating in rural revitalization projects reached 116;

In Pingxiang, this number reached 350, with total funding of 45 million yuan, and 401 poverty alleviation projects implemented.