Phoenix Philanthropy’s “Activist League” gets underway

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The launching ceremony of Phoenix Philanthropy’s “Activist League” was held in Beijing on June 22. Lu Yiming, the famous CCTV host, was invited to preside over the ceremony, and representatives from over 20 large foundations that are part of the league, including the China Social Welfare Foundation, China’s foundation of Culture and Arts for Children, the China Women Development Foundation, and the One Foundation attended the ceremony. Dozens of NGOs, including Love’s Wardrobe and the Spreading Dreams Foundation, also participated as primary league members.

Top Ten Creative Philanthropy Projects of the Year 2015 Published

In the course of the event, China’s ten most creative philanthropic projects of 2015 were also announced. “24 Hours with No Eating”, “Go Faraway to Learn a Trade”, “Running Together”, “Passerby Philanthropy”, “Be Positive Every Day” and various other projects, standing out for their innovative content, were awarded the title. “Water Resources Protection 5100” and “Philanthropy Academy” won an award for being the “Most Popular Projects Online in 2015”, as they enjoyed the most support from netizens.

Five major Projects Presented

As the climax of the ceremony, five major philanthropy projects from the league’s primary members, including “Rising Voices”, “NET Young Painter”, “Save the Elephant Lora”, “Little Girl Protection” and “Children’s Movement” were presented, and a creative philanthropic idea concerning children with cleft lips and palates also received its first public presentation.

Senior Vice President of Ifeng Liu Shu said that the “Activist League” is a bridge connecting all parties. Through this platform, stars can find philanthropy projects to endorse, enterprises can fund philanthropy projects sharing the same social responsibilities with them, creative professionals can be involved in the project design, and philanthropic organizations can gain more resources and support. “Ifeng would like to make efforts jointly with all other social groups to promote the development of philanthropy”, said Liu Shu.