Overseas NGOs successfully register in Sichuan and Guangdong

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On April 6, the Sichuan Public Security Bureau held a small ceremony for two overseas NGOs that successfully completed their registrations. The Development Organisation of Rural Sichuan (DORS) and the MSI Professional Services are officially the first overseas NGOs to obtain registration credentials in Sichuan province.

Guangdong is also issuing credentials to foreign NGOs, with the Zhang Xueliang Foundation, the Sun Yat-sen Fraternity Foundation, World Vision and the Gyeonggi Do Economic Development Institute of Science all successfully registering with the Guangdong Public Security Bureau in the last few weeks. This brings the total of successfully registered overseas NGOs in the province to 11.

Since the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law on January 1, Guangdong’s overseas NGOs management office has convened three separate forums, inviting consular officers and representatives from overseas NGOs located in the province to answer questions about registration. To date, there have been 111 overseas NGOs from 16 different countries that have consulted with the office or requested its services.