Overseas NGOs register in Fujian and Sichuan

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A certificate-issuing ceremony was held by the Administration Office of Overseas NGOs of the Fujian Public Security Bureau. During the event, three Taiwanese NGOs were granted certificates for their representative offices. The NGOs that registered are the Chinese Art of Tea Craft Union, the Chinese Youth Volunteer Association and a chamber of commerce. The Fujian Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Agriculture, and Commerce also attended the event.

According to a representative of the PSB, the registrations of Taiwanese NGOs in Fujian is beneficial for promoting non-governmental exchanges and cooperation in economic and social development across the Taiwan Strait. He expressed his hope that Taiwanese NGOs will actively expand friendly exchanges between citizens by conducting activities in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Public Security issued registration and chief representative certificates to the Hong Kong branch of the Salvation Army. Representatives of the Sichuan Administration Office for Overseas NGOs said they welcome more overseas NGOs to set up representative offices or carry out temporary activities in their province. They assured that the public security organs will uphold the ideals of openness and inclusiveness, and provide better services for overseas NGOs.