Online platform simplifies volunteer work in Beijing

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Are you eager to make a difference in the world? Look no further than Volunteer Beijing, an inclusive platform that brings together numerous charity workers and projects in Beijing.

Formerly known as the Beijing Olympic Games Volunteer Registration Management System, this platform is a gateway to a world of volunteering opportunities and the chance to create impactful projects.

At the core of volunteering is the accumulation of “volunteer hours”. These hours symbolize the time dedicated to various service activities and are measured in hours, excluding time spent travelling to volunteer locations.

Each project on Volunteer Beijing specifies the calculation standards for volunteer positions. Once a project is completed, volunteers are evaluated based on their punctuality, service attitude, and professionalism, and the accumulated hours are recorded.

Volunteers can receive their “volunteer hours” in two ways: either the project organizer enters the hours on their behalf or volunteers can input the hours themselves using the unique hours code generated by the platform.

The value of “volunteer hours” extends beyond mere recognition. They act as a measure of experience and commitment when joining different volunteer organizations. Additionally, they play a significant role in volunteer awards and recognition programs.

For students, “volunteer hours” can hold great importance, as they are considered in evaluations for merits, organizational memberships, higher education admissions, and scholarships.

Moreover, many universities in Beijing offer “volunteer credits” that recognize students’ volunteer work and enhance their credit records. Furthermore, when applying to foreign universities, “volunteer hours” can provide a competitive advantage.

Recognizing the vital role of volunteers, the government has implemented various policies to encourage and support their efforts. These include establishing a comprehensive system to record volunteer hours, acknowledging and rewarding volunteers with exceptional service records, and offering preferential treatment in education, military service, employment, and public and commercial services.

To become part of Volunteer Beijing, simply search for the “Volunteer Beijing” app on WeChat. The registration process involves providing your personal information and selecting your preferred service areas, categories, and industries.