Ministry of Civil Affairs receives approval for work plan

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On July 3, the Ministry of Civil Affairs released a notice confirming that the “Legislative Work Plan of the Ministry of Civil Affairs for the Year 2023” had been reviewed and approved on June 15.

The 2023 Work Plan clearly outlines several legislative projects, including the drafting of the Social Assistance Law and the Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations.

According to the plan, although without a clear timeline at the moment, the MCA will promptly formulate the Elderly Care Services Law and Child Welfare Law, and revise the interim Measures for Social Assistance, Marriage Registration Regulations, Adoption Registration Measures for Chinese Citizens, and the Measures for the Assistance and Management of Urban Homeless.

In terms of rules and regulations, the MCA will draft Measures for the Management of the Names for Social Organizations, Annual Inspection Measures for Social Groups and Management Measures for Mental Health Welfare Institutions.

The work plan calls for highlighting legislative priorities to ensure high-quality legislation and support the reform and development of civil affairs.

The MCA will focus on enhancing the effectiveness of social governance and improving laws and regulations related to social organization registration management, thereby raising the level of the rule of law in social governance.

The work plan emphasizes the need to cooperate with the National People’s Congress on the revision of the Law on the Protection of Minors and the Charity Law.