NPC delegate: China needs “Good Samaritan” law

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  • NPC delegate: China needs “Good Samaritan” law

NPC delegate Wang Jincai has made new calls for legislation to protect China’s “good samaritans”. Wang said that the risks involved in helping people have prevented many from doing “heroic deeds”. In February, Meng Ruipeng, a college student, drowned after saving 2 children from a river, but the mother claimed Meng had fallen into the river herself fearing that she would have to compensate the student’s family. Even though the local police finally confirmed Meng’s heroic behavior, incidents like this have aroused a lot of controversy.

Wang Jincai, chairman of the standing committee of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and NPC delegate said that incidents such as this show that the country lacks legislative immunity related to such behaviors. He suggested that the NPC should draft a “Good Samaritan” law as soon as possible to protect the rights of those who don’t hesitate to offer their help to people in distress, while punish those who try to escape responsibility and bring false charges against their rescuers. He also emphasized that the law should include articles guiding people to respond properly to emergencies, and to seek help from professionals when necessary.