Norwegian NGO Mission Alliance registers office in Yunnan

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The Public Security Department’s Overseas NGO Management Office in Yunnan Province recently issued a registration certificate for the local Representative Office of Mission Alliance (Norway).

Headquartered in Oslo and established in 1901, Mission Alliance is committed to promoting the development of impoverished and vulnerable groups. The organization entered China in 1997 and cooperated with local governments and social organizations in project activities in the areas of health, disability, aid, and community development. It has cooperated with the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University to carry out pilot projects in Guandu District of Kunming City and Jianshui City of Honghe Prefecture to improve the rehabilitation service capacity of community health service centers and grassroots health centers in pilot areas.

The registration ceremony was attended by Mr. Jorgen Haug, Regional Director of the Norwegian Cooperation Council, and Ms. Cai Yinghong, the NGO’s chief representative.The Director of the Management Office, Mr. Tao Rui, congratulated the Norwegian organization and stated that in future the Management Office will strengthen communication with foreign NGOs and their Professional Supervisory Units (PSU), integrate working resources and strive to provide better and more efficient services for overseas NGOs to carry out project activities in Yunnan according to law. At the same time, he expressed his hope that the Yunnan Representative Office of Mission Alliance will strictly abide by the various laws and regulations and actively cooperate with the registration and management authorities during the project activities.

A representative of the Yunnan Provincial Health and Welfare Committee, the Norwegian NGO’s PSU, expressed the hope that Mission Alliance can combine international advanced concepts of community rehabilitation with the situation on the ground in Yunnan to explore a community rehabilitation model suitable for the province. Mr. Jorgen Haug, Regional Director of the Norwegian Cooperation Council of China, thanked the Provincial Public Security Department and the Provincial Health and Health Commission for their guidance and support during the registration and establishment of the representative office and the community rehabilitation cooperation project, and stated that the representative office will carry out their projects in accordance with the law, and make full use of their advanced experience and technical resources in community rehabilitation to actively promote the development of health in Yunnan.