NGOs active in China respond to the Paris Agreement

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Fifteen NGOs that conduct climate change related work in China delivered a joint statement on December 13 in response to the newly reached Paris Agreement. The statement described the agreement as a significant milestone and a bridge between developed and developing countries as well as between the old and the new climate orders.

The NGOs praised China’s vital contribution in achieving the agreement. They suggested that active controls on coal, renewable energy promotion, and nationwide carbon emission restrictions should be incorporated into the 13th five-year plan (social and economic blueprint for 2016 to 2020). The NGOs are optimistic that the tolerance and openness of the Paris Agreement will translate into concrete measures at various levels. They declared themselves ready to continue their efforts in combating climate change both within China and internationally.

The 15 NGOs that delivered the statement are:

Green Anhui, Greenovation Hub, China Youth Climate Action Network, Shanshui Conservation Center, Friends of Nature, Global Environmental Institute,CANGO, Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, SEE Conservation, Beijing Global Village Education Center, China Civil Climate Action Network, Natural Resources Defense Council, WWF, Greenpeace, Oxfam

See the full statement in Chinese here.