New website on sex education for children goes online

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A new website on sex education for children (, created by the initiator of the Chengxu Yuan Plan (程序媛计划) Chen Bin, went online on the 22nd of December.

The Chengxu Yuan Plan is meant to increase the proportion of female programmers in the tech industry, and it has allowed more than a hundred thousand students to learn programming and relevant techniques. Chen Bin put forward the idea of the website in August, but it picked up speed after the  uproar surrounding the child abuse incident in RYB kindergarten in November. The incident, which included allegations that children were being sexually molested at the kindergarten, provoked calls for improved sex education.

About 600 of the women who took part in the Chengxu Yuan Plan were involved in developing the new website and gleaning information. Within a month, they concentrated and sifted through the existing high-quality resources on the Internet. The website includes two types of content, one for the parents and one for children. Chen Bin said that his objective is to provide sex education resources for both parents and children, in order to help protect children from sexual abuse.