“Mobile network and environmental protection” project launched in Beijing

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  • “Mobile network and environmental protection” project launched in Beijing

On September 21th, the Alliance of Environmental Protection Makers (环保创客联盟) was launched in Beijing by China Environmental Protection Education, Environmental Development Centre of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Southern China Cluster of State Environment Service Industry, and the Foshan Carbon Unicom Technology Company (佛山市碳联科技有限公司).

The project is the first “mobile network and environmental protection” project in China’s public welfare sector. It provides young talents who are dedicated to environmental protection with financial support, and cutting-edge technology and service models as well as a platform for creative and entrepreneurial innovation. The selected environmental makers will carry out activities such as conducting environmental protection campaigns in communities, schools and shopping malls, recycling solid waste via CUC intelligent recycling system, and developing independent green e-business brands. The project also serves as a incubator for other environmental projects with high potential. Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou will be the first three pilot cities, where teams of local innovators will operate the “intelligent recycle system” in order to promote urban solid waste recycle and low carbon live style.