Minister of Public Security: overseas NGOs are welcome to operate in China

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  • Minister of Public Security: overseas NGOs are welcome to operate in China

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Civil Affairs held a joint meeting on overseas NGOs in Shanghai on July 25, with the aim of understanding the development of overseas NGOs in China and hearing advice and suggestions on their future management. According to a report from the Ministry of Public Security, Guo Shengkun, China’s Minister of Public Security, presided over the meeting and gave a speech praising the positive impact brought by overseas NGOs and encouraging cooperation and exchange between China and those organizations. He also said that China would improve the government’s management level on related areas and provide better services and security to overseas NGOs.

Overseas NGOs that attended the meeting included Project HOPE, the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce, China-Britain Business Council, Mercator Foundation of Germany, United Way Worldwide, and the Shanghai-Hong Kong United Youth Association (香港沪港青年交流促进会). Consul Generals for the US, Britain, and Germany in Shanghai also attended the meeting and provided their opinions on the management of overseas NGOs.

Guo mentioned the recently drafted “ Overseas NGOs Management Law” during the meeting, emphasizing that the implementation of the law, which would provide legal guidance to overseas NGOs operating in China, was a necessary step toward a more developed country operating under the rule of law. He also pointed out that overseas NGOs should enhance their knowledge of China, abide by Chinese law, and operate with a more “pragmatic approach” (务实的态度) and “positive/proactive attitude” (积极的姿态).