Huizeren offers companies training on volunteering

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The Beijing Huizeren Volunteering Development Center(北京惠泽人公益发展中心)was recently invited to provide a two-day professional volunteer training program, named the iVolunteers College (i公益大学), for the staff of Yuxintai (禹欣泰), a large company from Jinan, Shandong Province. The topic of the training was “volunteer service innovation during the time of enterprise transformation”. The training started with the founding of the Anxing Volunteers Association (安行志愿联益会), composed of 400 members of staff of Yuxintai, on the 18th of March, 2019. 


On the morning of the first day, Zhai Yan, the chairman of Huizeren and Ye Ying, the principal of the iVolunteers College, shared general knowledge and cases on voluntary service. With the help of games, case studies and a Q&A session, the trainees learned basic knowledge on volunteering, how to build volunteer teams and how to implement voluntary programs. 

The report on Huizeren’s WeChat account claims that following the two-day training participants gained more professional knowledge and a better understanding of volunteer service programs, improving their team collaboration and making them better prepared for future volunteering. The report adds that nowadays more and more private enterprises are embracing corporate social responsibility, including value sharing and information disclosure. The iVolunteers Colleges program has been introduced by more and more enterprises to give professional volunteer service training to their staff, as an effective way to enhance the company’s cohesion and improve the relationship between enterprises and society. It can also be a way of establishing a good reputation for the company.