“Investigative Report on Child Protection and Rescue System” released: more efforts needed on the adult side

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A seminar on international training for child protection took place in Tianjin on the 2nd August, jointly organized by World Vision, the Wuqing District Bureau of Civil Affairs of Tianjin Municipality, the Institute of Psychology, CAS and the China Charity Alliance.

In the seminar, the Institute of Psychology, CAS released the “Investigative Report on Child Protection and Rescue Systems” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) which is a cooperative study with World Vision. The report mainly focuses on the situation of children who suffer from violence in remote areas, and points out that although parents have the will to protect their children, they do not necessarily know the proper methods and possess enough information, and few of them know about the Law on the Protection of Minors. Therefore, it is crucial to put more efforts on the adults’ side.

According to the report, the national provisions for child protection only contain principled provisions and suffer from a lack of practical operations from a legal perspective. There are no specific policies and mature systems set aside for child abuse issues in many areas, so sometimes it is difficult to find and settle abused children, and punish the perpetrators.

For public welfare organizations, the report suggests carrying out work in three aspects: family education, sex education for children and teacher training, which are helpful to strengthen responsibility consciousness, change unreasonable attitudes towards parenting, and improve the self-protection awareness of children.

World Vision also held a three days training on the “Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action”. The purpose was to strengthen the understanding of child protection work in different social organizations and institutions.