Handicraft made by low-income women exhibited in Paris

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  • Handicraft made by low-income women exhibited in Paris

The third international forum of women’s sustainable development and exhibition on women’s innovation was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on October 26th. The event was organized by the China Women’s Development Foundation and the Sino-American Friendship Association, with the support of UNESCO. Its aim is to demonstrate the achievements of Chinese women’s participation in economic and social development, let the world hear the charitable voices of Chinese women and enhance people’s understanding of Chinese development, woman’s advancement and the Chinese charitable sector through different activities including a forum, exhibition and charity auction.


An exhibition of traditional Chinese handicraft was also held during the event. During the exhibition, the 妈妈制造 (Made by Mothers) project was highly praised by officers from UNESCO due to the advanced principle of charity it displayed, and its attractive handicraft. The project’s initiator, Li Boying, spoke during the forum. He said that mothers’ love goes beyond national boundaries, and therefore he was eager to bring innovative concepts of charity to all less-developed countries and regions, to help every mother who wants to improve their lives with their own hands.

The “Made by Mothers” project, cooperating with designers, is committed to creating products that satisfy both international and traditional Chinese aesthetics. The productions are handmade by poor mothers who possess some handicraft skills. The aim is to help them earn money and improve their lives through their own efforts, and allow the public to support the work of these low-income women.