Grassroots NGOs lend a hand in Beijing

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During Chinese New Year, millions of migrant workers in Beijing abandoned their plans of returning home to see their families, with many keen to avoid restrictions in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

At the same time, the Beijing Winter Olympics were also held in a “closed loop”, resulting in multiple traffic controls and restrictions across the city.

In order to support the city with epidemic prevention and control during a busy period, several local grassroots NGOs carried out activities during the holidays:

  • Beijing Chunmiao Charity Foundation donated anti-epidemic materials to the Municipal Public Welfare Management Center, including ultraviolet disinfection vehicles, surgical masks, gloves, thermometers and protective clothing, worth 104,000 yuan ($16,404);
  • Beijing Cihong Charity Foundation donated 30,000 surgical masks and three boxes of hand sanitizer to Feng-Times Community in Fengtai District;
  • Beijing Taikang Yicai Foundation donated 28,800 surgical masks to elderly care facilities;
  • Beijing Chengdong Foundation donated two portacabins worth about 50,000 yuan to two community health centers in Tongzhou District for carrying out Covid tests;
  • Beijing Yuanmeng Foundation donated production equipment capable of producing 1 ton of ecofriendly disinfectant to Zhishan community in Tongzhou District;
  • Beijing Huikang Charity Foundation donated more than 200 down jackets and 3,600 masks to mentally handicapped children at Beijing Zhixing Art Training Center;
  • Beijing Minhe Foundation donated medical kits to volunteers at Renmin University of China who participated in the Winter Olympics. The kits contained items such as disinfectant wipes, masks, and hand gel;
  • Beijing Guangcai Charity Foundation delivered flour and other foods to more than 300 low-income villagers and elderly people over 75 years old in Guojiawan Village, Yanqing District;
  • Beijing Huarui Charity Foundation delivered everyday essentials such as rice and oil to 490 villagers in Taizi Tomb Village, Mentougou District.