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The Department of Charity Promotion and Social Work of the Ministry of Civil Affairs has recently authorized 10 new internet fundraising platforms, which will operate under China’s Charity Law and the Measures on the Administration of Public Fundraising Platform Services. The list is as follows:

ByteDance charity platform

ByteDance charity platform combines the characteristics of the company’s products such as Douyin, Toutiao, and Xigua Video to efficiently connect charities with resources, enabling more people to participate in philanthropy. Through the platform, charities can raise funds using any of ByteDance’s products.

Xiaomi’s charity platform

Xiaomi’s charity platform, according to the company, is committed to providing users with a convenient and modern way to donate – and it has become a diversified fundraising channel for charities and serves as a bridge between users and NGOs.

Qinqing gongyi

Qinqing gongyi aims to serve as a professional and sustainable internet fundraising information platform for charities, providing information and resource allocation services. Operated by China Youth Development Foundation, the platform uses the foundation’s professional experience in project management, financial management and risk management to effectively screen fundraising information, standardize project procedures, and respond to public opinion if needed.

BiliBili charity platform

Bilibili charity platform displays information on projects providing poverty relief, education aid, medical assistance and environmental protection and provides fundraising services for charities. Organizations can use the platform to present their existing public welfare projects, fundraise, and disclose information to donors.

360 charity platform

The 360 ​​charity platform includes charity projects focusing on areas such as rural revitalization, medical assistance, youth safety education, and the protection of women and children. The platform will focus more on areas such as safety and social assistance to accurately match needs with resources, and to engage more sectors to invest in charity projects.

Mango TV charity platform

The platform is currently the only fundraising information platform for charities based in Hunan Province. Operated by Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group and Mango Super Media, the platform has three major characteristics: a background in state media, support from the whole Mango TV ecosystem, and use of the deep integration model for charity content.

According to information released, the platform has already partnered with 21 charities to launch 11 online projects, mainly focused on rural revitalization and education.

Cilian charity platform

Cilian adopts a model that allows multiple participants and sharing, integrates efficient collaboration, provides application empowerment and data integration, and realizes whole process management, comprehensive data collection, service coordination of the whole industry chain and resource linkage. It connects government departments, charitable organizations, social organizations, companies, donors, recipients, volunteers and the public.

Ping An charity platform

Launched by China’s biggest insurer Ping An, the platform focuses on areas including education, poverty relief, and rural revitalization.

Ctrip charity platform

The platform features the fundraising model of “internet + public welfare + travel”. By integrating upstream and downstream partners of the tourism sector as well as enabling Ctrip users to donate points earnt for using the travel giant, the platform aims to fund travel experiences for disadvantaged groups across China.

China Mobile Philanthropy

The platform mainly focuses on areas such as disaster and poverty relief, education, and care for the elderly.