Grassroots NGOs encouraged to hire more college grads

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The Symposium on Social Organizations Helping College Graduates to Find Employment in Urban and Rural Communities, organized by the Social Organization Administration of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, was held on July 1.

Eight NGOs including the Facilitators, Muyou Social Work Office, and Fangzhou Social Work Center, attended the event, exchanging views on the employment situation of college graduates in their respective service fields.

By the end of 2021, there were more than 902,000 NGOs nationwide, and 76 percent of them were registered at the county (or district) level.

More than 8 million people are employed in those grassroots NGOs, with each employing an average of 12 people. Among them, less than three million have a college degree or above.

Compared with other industries, the NGO sector has a larger potential to meet the employment needs of college graduates.

It was suggested during the meeting that relevant organizations focus on recruiting more graduates in the areas of elderly care, healthcare, childcare, housekeeping and property management services, which are facing staff shortages.

Communication between NGOs and education institutions also needs to be improved, in order to guide students to better understand the needs of communities, and to promote their enthusiasm for employment or entrepreneurship in urban and rural grassroots organizations.

A training system to help graduates adapt to the social sector is also urgently needed. To this end, it is necessary for all parties to jointly explore new cooperation models, to improve the ability of college graduates to adapt to society, and to help organizations employ workers with better skills.