Guidelines released on forged volunteer service certificate

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According to the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs(民政部), the Ministry along with Civilization Office of the Central Committee (中央文明办),the Central Committee of the Communist Young League (共青团中央), and Ministry of Education (教育部) recently released Guidelines on Standardizing the Certification of Volunteer Service Records (关于规范志愿服务记录证明工作的指导意见). According to the guidelines, individuals or work units (单位) that provide false voluntary service certificates should be recorded by relevant authorities and be announced to the public.

The new regulation also points out that providers of volunteer service certificates (志愿服务记录证明) should meet all the following requirements: (1) They should be legally established organizations or work units; (2) The volunteer who needs the certificate should have participated in the volunteer service of the provider; (3) The provider objectively documents information about the activities of the volunteer. Also, the format of volunteer service certificate has to be standardized by including ‘the volunteer’s personal information’ (志愿者身份信息) such as name, identification document type and number, and volunteer number; ‘information about volunteer service'(志愿服务信息) including the time (measured by hour) and content of the volunteer service; ‘information about the certificate provider'(出具主体信息) such as the subject’s name, owner, people in charge and the contact information; and ‘other information'(其他信息) such as the certificate number, date and other matters that need to be addressed. Volunteer service certificate should also be sealed with the official seal of the provider.