Beijing forum on urban internationalization focuses on social enterprises

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The Forum on Urban Internationalization, co-organized by the Capital University of Economics and Business and the Social Work Division of the Beijing CPC Committee, was held in Beijing on November 11-12. With the theme of “the development of social organizations and urban governance”, this year the forum carried out research and discussions on the issue of how social organizations can adapt to the “new normal” during the process of internationalization, and on how to promote urban development.

The forum included open sessions and internal debates, and experts, committee members and staff from cooperating institutions were all invited to deliver speeches and take part in discussions on specific topics. During the discussions, member of the Social Work Committee Lu Jian, vice president of the Beijing Institute of Socialism Chen Jian, and professor of the school of Public Administration of Tsinghua University Deng Guosheng all delivered speeches.

During the internal debate session, research groups of the urban study consortium convened to discuss three research themes: the cooperation between social organizations and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, social enterprises, social innovation and urban governance, and the improvement of social organizations and the social community service system.

The Forum on Urban Internationalization has already been held for nine consecutive years. This year the forum was attended by 16 universities, including Tsinghua and Renmin Universities, nine scientific research institutions including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and nine public organizations and business enterprises including the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Asia Pacific City Institute.