CKGSB, Alibaba launch charity study program

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Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and Alibaba Philanthropy have jointly developed a charity study program related to rural revitalization. The program, called “Hot Land”, was officially launched at a ceremony in Beijing on July 27.

The program aims to launch an exclusive non-profit business school education system for students studying subjects related to agriculture, including for managers of agribusinesses, registered students of CKGSB, and leaders of outstanding companies in underdeveloped regions aided by Alibaba Philanthropy.

Xiang Bing, dean of CKGSB, said that in the past 70 years, companies, governments and international organizations have made continuous efforts to explore and promote sustainable development, but the lack of effective coordination has led to global income and wealth inequality and the solidification of social classes.

He emphasized the necessity of social innovation, that is, to deal with the problems and challenges of economic development and social harmony by strengthening the coordination and cooperation between the government, companies, social organizations, and international organizations.

Sun Lijun, chairman of Alibaba Philanthropy, expressed the organization’s ambitions to promote the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry so that it can develop sustainably through the power of charity.

More than 50 applicants were selected as the first batch of students, and started their half-year research course on modern agriculture.

According to Fan Xinxin, the person in charge of the teaching work, the course will cover six aspects: strategic thinking, agricultural branding, financial markets, business management, case studies, and CSR, and will be taught by cutting-edge business and academic leaders in related fields.