Chinese video on domestic violence wins international award

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640On February 9, the Orange Umbrella Foundation’s three-minute video entitled “how to apply makeup after domestic violence” won the International Social Media Impact Award’s “Most Creative Video Award”. The video features a female blogger who runs step-by-step through the makeup application process. What grabs viewers’ attention however is that her face is covered in bruises. Sitting calmly in front of the lens, she uses mascara and blush to cover the bruises on her forehead and eyes while explaining the steps of the process. While she is adding the finishing touches, a man suddenly jumps into the frame and pushes the woman’s head down while covering the lens with his hand, abruptly ending the tutorial.

According to research, 35% of women and children worldwide have experienced some form of domestic violence. A survey published by the Beijing Red Maple Women’s Psychological Counseling Centre found that domestic violence tears apart 100,000 Chinese households every year. The report also shows that more than half of all respondents have experienced domestic violence, with almost three-quarters saying they had endured the abuse in silence. In an effort to combat domestic violence, China passed the Anti-Domestic Violence Law in March 2016, which explicitly outlines government responsibility to help victims as well as punish abusers.

The Orange Umbrella Foundation created this video with hopes to raise public awareness of domestic abuse. More importantly, the organization hopes that the video will encourage those who have experienced domestic violence to not cover their bruises up with makeup, but rather to stand up to those abusing them. The video reminds us that the bruises of domestic violence can be covered up, but the painful memories will remain in our hearts forever. Furthermore, the Orange Umbrella Foundation hopes the video will give victims the courage to say no to abuse.

After its release in October 2016, the video got  over 12 million views. In addition, an article published with the video that expounded on the harms of domestic violence harnessed more than 100 million readers.