Chinese Red Cross Foundation heralds growth of ‘allergy care campaign’

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  • Chinese Red Cross Foundation heralds growth of ‘allergy care campaign’

Following the establishment of the first Allergy Care Centre at the Tongren Hospital in Beijing, on April 12, a second Allergy Care Center was set up at the Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital. The projects fall under the Chinese Red Cross Foundation’s 2021 Initiative to increase awareness of allergy-related diseases.

The Allergy Care Centre project aims to work with medical workers to help the public understand the importance of diagnosis and timely treatment of allergic diseases, and to help the patients improve their quality of life.

During the event, Guo Changjiang, director of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, said, “Jiangsu Province is the second stop of China’s allergy care campaign. We hope to use this as an opportunity to set up an ‘Allergy Care Centre’ at Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital. We will collaborate with scholars, community health workers and relevant organisations to generate momentum in raising public awareness of anti-allergy awareness. ”

Tang Jinhai, secretary of the Party Committee at Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital, contextualised the progress of the project. The hospital has already set up allergy clinics as well as allergy diagnosis and treatment centres to provide patients with professional medical services. Tang expressed hopes to provide people with more effective measures in the prevention and treatment of allergies through this new “allergy care centre.”

Professor Cheng Lei, director of the Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital, mentioned that during seasons where allergic diseases are more common, precautionary treatments like using glucocorticoid nasal sprays and oral antihistamines should be used under medical supervision and guidance.

Allergic diseases are one of the most challenging public health issues to overcome. Common allergic diseases include allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatosis, allergic conjunctivitis, and allergic asthma. They can occur at all ages from the newborns, children to adults, and most of the disasters cannot be cured.

It is reported that the Chinese Allergy Care Action expert team will continue to look deep into related projects to scientifically help the public prevent and tackle allergic diseases.