China’s Pioneering Efforts in Climate Crisis Response at COP28

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The 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai showcased China’s impactful initiatives in addressing climate-related challenges.

Notable figures, including UK’s King Charles III, French President Macron, and Indian Prime Minister Modi, gathered with representatives from over 120 countries. Chinese Vice Premier Ding Xuxiang urged collective action on climate change, emphasizing multilateralism, adherence to the UN Climate Change Convention, and the Paris Agreement.

A significant highlight occurred on December 6 at COP28 with the successful organization of a side event themed “Climate Disasters and Crisis Response” at the Chinese Pavilion. Initiated by the Peace & Development Foundation, the event featured participation from international organizations, rescue agencies, NGOs, and social enterprises. Notably, it marked China’s debut in discussing climate-related matters at the UN climate conference.

The event addressed the global increase in climate-change-induced natural disasters, focusing on proactive humanitarian responses and sharing experiences in facing climate-related crises. Discussions underscored the importance of collaborative efforts by international organizations to actively address climate change.

Professor Zhang Qiang, Director of the Risk Governance Innovation Center at Beijing Normal University, and Director of the UNDP and China Risk Governance Innovation Project Lab, hosted the event. In an interview with CGTN, Professor Zhang discussed China’s societal involvement in global climate disaster response and the event’s key objectives.

Key speakers included Ms. Alexandra Sasa Gorisec, Head of Communication at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, who emphasized the importance of climate change prevention and adaptation. Ms. Qiu Lili, Founder of the Peace & Development Foundation, presented the foundation’s involvement in global natural disaster relief efforts, highlighting the challenges faced and the need for innovation and sustainability.

President Shi Xin of the Shenzhen Rescue Association shared on-the-ground rescue experiences, emphasizing the impact of climate change on extreme weather and disasters. Ms. Wang Xuejia, Global Brand Manager of Huabao New Energy, discussed the significance of green energy in climate crisis and disaster response, showcasing the company’s emergency power support products.

In a roundtable discussion, Dr. Liu Feng, Consultant at the Shangri-La Think Tank, highlighted the urgent challenge of climate change as a shared concern for human civilization, drawing insights from Chinese traditional culture.

Mr. Hu Bo, Chairman of the Beijing Yuanmeng Public Welfare Foundation, discussed “Jointly Fighting Extreme Weather Disasters, Safeguarding the Same Beautiful Homeland,” analyzing global and Chinese extreme weather conditions and presenting various measures taken by Chinese NGOs.