China at COP28: Green Initiatives and Belt and Road Collaboration

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The 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) was held in Dubai, where  China actively showcased its efforts in combating climate change. The Chinese delegation organized more than  100 side events, encompassing topics such as climate policies, international cooperation, green development, and finance.

China’s influential  role in global green development, particularly through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), was a focal point across  various forums. The BRI received  acknowledged for its contribution to  international cooperation and development, especially in regions of the global south.

At the 11th South-South Cooperation High-Level Forum, the UN stressed the importance of such cooperations for driving green transformations in developing nations, recognizing the BRI as a valuable platform. Eric Solheim, Vice Chairman of the International Green Development Alliance, lauded  China’s contributions to global renewable energy and green transitions.

Addressing shared challenges, the Chinese delegation emphasized the necessity for increased international support in funding, technology, and capacity building. Specialized side events covered topics such as climate financing, the role of Chinese banks in green finance, and sustainability reports.

China’s achievements in carbon capture, supercomputing for climate prediction, and wind-powered hydrogen storage garnered significant attention.  Global leaders acknowledged the nation’s exemplary practices in early warning systems and climate adaptation.

The release of the “China Energy Transition Outlook 2023” report marked a significant milestone.  This report outlined China’s distinct path toward green and low-carbon growth, fostering confidence in global green development. Xie Zhenhua, Chinese Climate Change Affairs Special Envoy, emphasized the importance of tailored transition paths for each country, advocating for inclusive and pragmatic consensus.

Danish Minister Dan Jørgensen commended the report, highlighting China’s active role in global green energy transitions. The 9th Global Climate Change Think Tank Forum highlighted the significance of European-Chinese collaboration in advancing clean energy.