China’s disabled day: local governments focus on employment

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Every third Sunday in May is China’s National Disability Day. This year’s theme focused on promoting employment of the disabled and protecting their rights.

On May 15, activities were held across China, both online and offline, depending on the local epidemic situation.

In many provinces such as Hebei, Hubei, and Hunan, a month-long campaign was launched encouraging private companies to hire disabled workers. Local governments provide incentives for firms that have reached the target proportion of disabled employees, and offer necessary job-seeking guidance to candidates with disabilities.

In Shandong, universities focused on the employment of recent graduates with special needs, offering one-to-one assistance, and protecting their rights in the employment process.

In Jiangsu Province, a professional skills competition was held for the disabled, giving attendees an opportunity to learn vocational skills, to display the achievements of vocational training, and to promote public awareness and understanding of the disabled.

Wang Yong, state councilor and director of the State Council Disabled Persons Committee, presided over a special research meeting, and emphasized that all relevant departments around the country should implement the three-year action to enhance the employment of disabled people.

Starting from this year’s National Disability Day, disabled people will be able to directly and remotely apply for two subsidies from the Ministry of Civil Affairs and China Disabled Persons’ Federation, avoiding the hassle of having to go to the site as in the past.