China Daily: CANGO sets up program to combat climate change

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  • China Daily: CANGO sets up program to combat climate change

China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) has started an education program to raise awareness of environmental protection and climate change among students in China. As reported by China Daily Europe, from December 2012 to August 2015, CANGO has trained 810 teachers from 449 selected middle schools from both metropolises and rural areas across five provinces of China. These middle schools are mostly recruited from CANGO’s NGO network. According to Huang Haoming, the secretary-general of CANGO, German organization Brot Fuer Die Welt, or Bread for the World provided funding for this program.

As part of the program, CANGO has also organized a national design competition for middle school students with the theme of “Concern About Climate Change and How to Prevent It”. Huang believes that “if you want to fundamentally rein in climate change and make our ecological environment better, the best way is to inform the next generation”. Another outcome of the program is a middle school textbook on climate change, which includes a timeline of the country’s efforts in battling climate change since1990. Huang says that he is very proud of China’s growing participation in the international combat climate change. Huang also expressed to China Daily that “the problem of climate change was realized long ago by global and domestic experts, yet progress was slow until the past 10 years.We must find innovative ways so that the next generation knows it earlier. There is a long way ahead, but we’re determined to get there.”