China Charity Day: Ministry of Civil Affairs encourages participation

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Prior to China Charity Day, which fell on Sept 5, the General Office of Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) issued a notice requiring its provincial and municipal branches to organize innovative charity events open to the public for the entire month.

Three possible themes for events were suggested:

  • “Ten Years of Charity”: reviewing the achievements of the charity sector over the past decade.
  • Legal information: increasing public awareness of relevant laws, especially the Charity Law of PRC.
  • “Charity for All”: mobilizing and guiding the public to participate in community charity, internet fundraising and other activities.

All departments and bureaus of the ministry were asked to submit their plans, event themes, and related materials to China Media Group (CMG), in order to facilitate interviews, reports and other communication work.

Submitted charity events were then featured by CMG on its Social & Legal channel (CCTV-12) from Sept 1 to 20.

The ministry also proposed the requirement of “Two combinations”:

  • The combination of traditional media and social media:

Each MCA branch was instructed to promote charity events through traditional methods, such as publishing reports in newspapers and magazines, producing charity videos and talk shows for radio and TV.

Weibo, WeChat, Douyin and other social media platforms were also recommended for expanding public influence.

  • The combination of online and offline:

In addition to the above mentioned online methods, the ministry also suggested offline activities, such as distributing leaflets, playing videos on screens outside commercial buildings and tourist landmarks, as well as via posters on subway trains and buses.

The notice emphasized that a summary report on each charity event would be necessary for all local branches to submit to the Department of Charity Promotion and Social Work before Oct 20.